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Frank Nuyts, main composer of the band and marimba player.

He is an all-round composer with a solid reputation, whose music is played all around the globe. He feels at home in many genres and makes a point of introducing a lot of variety, loads of energy and a grand dose of humour into his work. 

Until recently, he was a professor of Composition at the Conservatory in Ghent (School of Arts), where he taught both students of the Classical department and the Pop & Jazz department.

As a classical composer, he has already written an impressive body of work. But he has also derived a lot of pleasure from his cross-over projects. Hardscore and Beat Love Oracle are two of those.

All his work contains hints of the commercial, yet he skilfully avoids ever becoming cliché. He is a member of Cluster ( This is a platform for composers of new music on the crossroad of folk, world, classical music and jazz.

As a contemporary composer who is both blessed and plagued by a never ending curiosity,  Frank keeps his eyes, ears and mind open to any musical discovery in any field. After all, creative excellence can be found in any musical genre!

Having graduated as a percussionist before taking up composition, Frank is also the marimba player within Beat Love Oracle, which can result is some wonderfully virtuoso improvisations.

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Frank Debruyne plays the saxophones and also composes. He has played countless concerts with a wide variety of groups and bands throughout the year (e.g. Wasdaman)

He also often works in theatre with his wife Hilde Vanderstraeten (Company Het Bataljong).  Until 2018 he taught jazz at the Waregem Music Academy.

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Stijn Deldaele , the youngest of the group is a veritable force to be reckoned with on that e-bass of his. Not only does he play like a true virtuoso, he also custom built a a 5-string bass especially for the Beat Love Oracle music. Talk about commitment!

As you’ve probably guessed, he too does not fit into just one single category. Instead he jumps from one category to the next with great ease, which explains why he successfully tours with different bands in different styles. (The Olympics, Blunt, Husband & Wife)

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Ronald Dhaene, our drummer, studied both classical and jazz percussion in the Royal Conservatories of Ghent and Brussels. He also teaches both disciplines at various Music Academies. He is in great demand as a freelance drummer (with a custom built private recording studio) in a wide range of productions and styles.