February 14th, 2021

Beat Love Oracle vs Hardscore !!!

The renowned Spanish label run by Rafa Dorado decided that Beat Love Oracle also has to present its music on cd. 4 Tracks of the LP are combined with unreleased songs by Hardscore of the Carbon Fixation project with bonus track: “13 seconds of Bonobo sex”.


  • Track 1: What beats Watts?
  • Track 2: Please don’t come (any closer)
  • Track 3: Shift! We’re lost!
  • Track 4: Neat beats always need hits
  • Track 5: About face
  • Track 6: Convertible superstar
  • Track 7: A better plan
  • Track 8: Yearning yarn
  • Track 9: 13 seconds of bonobo sex

Produced by Jeff Nuyttens
Cover art by Lieven De Graeve

Order Information:

The LP can be ordered by e-mail or phone.

Tel: +32 (0)496 53 75 53

Price: € 12 (Shipping costs not included.)

May 29th, 2020

Beat Love Oracle goes vinyl !!!

The long-awaited first vinyl LP of Beat Love Oracle finally has arrived!
The four tracks of ‘Who’s counting?’ give a good idea of the inventiveness and power of this non-conformist band.


Side 1

  • What beats Watts?
  • Please don’t come (any closer)

Side 2

  • Shift! We’re lost!
  • Neat beats always need hits

Recorded and produced by Jeff Nuyttens in ‘De Kriekelaar’ Brussels.
Cover photo by Rachel Gruijters.
Sleeve design by Jan-Sebastiaan Degeyter.

Order Information:

The LP can be ordered by e-mail or phone.

Tel: +32 (0)496 53 75 53

Price: € 25 (Shipping costs not included.)

February 8th, 2020

In full swing

2020 is already in full swing. And Beat Love Oracle and swing are like two peas in a pod, no? So I decided to devote the coming six months entirely to the composing of new material for the band. By the way, Beat Love Oracle will get several times this year the opportunity to show their skills in small scale venues in Flanders.
(See Agenda for the dates). Already one new piece is ready (‘Dangerous liquids ’), and I’ve just revised four pieces rather extensively.

I excised the "main theme" of ‘Too early, Bird! ’ and devised a new one which might work better when using this piece to start a concert with. And I’m very happy I managed to find a solution to get Stijn (Deldaele’s) slapping thumbs back in action on stage with the revised ‘Just thumb luck ’. In this piece there was a problem with the middle part, and by adding a new drum part, and alleviating some of the maybe too intricate rhythmic sections, we might now have a piece which might just blow away the audience(s). Hope we’ll get many likes.
The song ‘These are not downbeats ’ got an extensive tape introduction but the song ‘Don’t bump you head against the cloud ’ has a shorter one.

All these revisions will be tested in the upcoming concerts in March.

November 14th, 2019

Arrangements of Frank Zappa

Frank Nuyts just arranged two famous Frank Zappa instrumental pieces for Beat Love Oracle. These arrangements will be premiered during a lecture concert with Prof. Mark Janse. 'RDNZL became RDNZL(ish)' and 'Echidna's arf of you' became Echidna(pping). What remained is the sheer virtuosity required from the players, especially for a band like ours, lacking the power of an electric guitar. Rehearsals will start in December. We will keep you posted about our rehearsal endeavours.

Two excerpts